5 Reasons Training Jiu JItsu is better on Valentines than a Romantic Dinner

Have no fear if you are finding a way to train Jiu Jitsu rather than spend dough on a fancy dinner. We got you covered. Below are 5 reasons training jiu jitsu is better on Valentines than a romantic dinner.

  1. The number one reason training bjj is better than Valentine dinner is you get to spend time doing what you love. You will never have to question the mat’s loyalty, the love is forever and the mats never lie.
  2. You don’t have to wait an hour to be seated for dinner while watching bjj videos on your phone. You get to live it.
  3. There’s likely to be more rolling space on the mat because others are at dinner.
  4. Instead of packing on calories you get to burn them off.
  5. You don’t have to pick up the tab. You can save that cash for a new Gi or Rash Guard.

That does it. List any more reasons you have below in the comments.


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