5 Lame Excuses After You Get Tapped In Sparring

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Training in Jiu Jitsu is fun. Different people with different egos. Some people do not like getting tapped and feel the need directly after getting tapped to tell a story or make an excuse. Here are 5 “excuses” or “stories” for getting tapped. The reality is no one cares or keeps a “tap” score in their head (unless they are really into practice room wins and losses) so just have fun. Here are 5 common excuses after getting tapped.

  1. How much do you weigh after-the-tap excuse. Come on. Seriously. If weight is an issue why even train with the person in the first place. There’s not much sympathy if you are a heavier person even while training, lol. Not saying there is no advantage but if you tap then you tap. If you caught the heavier guy should he say you were lighter and faster? Just roll and have fun.
  2. How long have you been a blue belt excuse? Belts matter and don’t. Either way if a person has been a certain belt for a long time, big deal. Belts can be random depending on where you are. There are blue belts who can tap good black belts. It’s cool to ask about belts but not after a person taps you then it seems like it’s an excuse all of a sudden. If you are a chill dude asking in a complimentary and curious way that’s fine. But if it’s an ego thing, then nah, not cool.
  3. How many days a week do you train, I’ve hardly been in much excuse. This is to the effect that the person has too much time to train so now it’s their fault for tapping you. So what if a person has time or finds the time to train. This is an excuse to get tapped? Oh please. I’m sure many people tap people who have been training longer than them. It’s no big deal. So when it comes as an excuse just stop. If you are genuinely curious as to their training regimen then cool but if it’s an ego thing then don’t ask right after getting tapped.
  4. I’m actually injured “there” after-the-fact excuse. After you get tapped you say how that limb was banged up or injured to begin with. That’s cool if you are letting them know for future reference. But if you are injured and aggressively looking for the tap yourself then don’t roll in the first place or let the person know of your injuries prior. Honestly, I think it’s best to stay home with a serious injury because training will often make it worse or acts as an excuse in a “rolling light” scenario where they usually don’t roll light. It’s all case by case how it goes down and sadly the person with the ego usually does not know it.
  5. I was seeing what you were doing and letting you get that in deeper. The old I was curious to see how you would try and finish so I rode it out and let you put it in deeper. The thing is this can be true or not be. Many have allowed subs in practice to see how they’d get put on them especially if they have demonstrated superiority earlier. Regardless, even if you hadn’t demonstrated superiority you don’t have to let the person know or not know what you are trying to do. Just learn from it. If you obviously let the person have it and you typically dominate them then they will likely understand. If not, who cares. No big deal. we are learning right?

I know a lot of people will say no this is not them, it doesn’t apply. Ok, that’s fine. If it is you, just try not to use these excuses and have fun. We all get tapped. Ask how the person did what they did AFTER class and learn from it.

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