5 Factors Advancing Jiu Jitsu Development

Today’s Jiu Jitsu is evolving. The basics are evolving as well as new techniques and new strategies are being developed. What was once invisible is now more commonly seen. Let’s take a look at 5 different insights into this topic.

  1. More people. As more and more people enter the sport more knowledge and studying is going to come about. It’s easy to see the effect if a major celebrity does bjj many of their followers will gain interest. Jiu Jitsu parents now have kids who want to train. The Jiu Jitsu population is booming and widely expanding on a daily basis not to mention how MMA has helped gain grappling interest.
  2. More funding. As opportunities pour in the athletes are now studying and breaking down film at a higher degree in order to win and advance the game. As with all major sports funding often promotes innovation because people who had full time jobs may now train and study BJJ full time.
  3. Better and More Technique Access Mediums. Matches are on video. You can go to flograppling and get the latest up to date matches live. You can break down the matches and grasp techniques and concepts then go and implement them. Also companies such as Budo Videos Digijitsu and BJJ Fanatics have been putting out ground-breaking content that has allowed athletes to teach their techniques.
  4. Technological Advances. As we increase technology the future is bright. Maybe one day robots will be showing us flawless techniques and pathways to success. In chess some of the computer programs are better than many world champions. It’s hard to imagine in the world of AI that we will not see enhancements from technology.
  5. The Youth. The next generation gets to start where we left off. They get to start with the proven techniques and advance the game from there. More competitions and more family involvement. The future only looks brighter.

These are a few of the advancements taking place and what we have to look forward to. Surely there are others we may not even recognize now. One things for sure it benefits you to stay on top of the game if the tools are available. Knowledge is key. Please comment any other areas regarding BJJ and it’s advancement that you see fit in the comments below.


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