4 Slang Jiu Jitsu Terms And Their Meaning

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Jiu Jitsu has it’s own cultural norms, lingo and slang. Let’s take a look at 4 slang Jiu Jitsu Terms and their meaning within the culture.

  1. Jitz. Jitz is a short and common term people use for Jiu Jitsu. Some people loathe hearing it while to many it’s normal. An example would be “Are you coming to jitz tonight?”
  2. Bro. This is a very common term of camaraderie in the Jiu Jitsu culture. It’s easy to use and friendly. An example would be “Hey bro, that was a good sweep.” Or when meeting someone new or old “What’s up bro?” which is obviously similar to “how’s it going?”
  3. Oss. This is a very common greeting or sign of respect amongst Jiu Jitsu practitioners all the world over. They say it in greetings and as a way to say good-bye. Pretty much people say Oss to everything nowadays. It’s roots go deeper in terms of the old school martial arts lingo but for purposes of practical slang in today’s culture feel free to say oss when meeting someone new or when saying good-bye or ending a conversation. It’s kind of like an acknowledgement in many ways. A person may say “Good sweep John.” and John would say “Oss.” kind of like a thank you.
  4. Roll. To roll is to train Jiu Jitsu. Because you are a on mat rolling around it is an easy and short way to refer to training Jiu Jitsu and not training something else like weightlifting. An example is “You wanna to roll?

What other Jiu Jitsu lingo do you know of that’s not in this article?

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