4 Lies We Tell Ourselves In Jiu Jitsu

4 bjj lies

In Jiu Jitsu sometimes we tell ourselves a few things that may not be completely accurate. Here are just a few:

  1. I’m going light today. You are sore or hurt so you plan to go light at practice. Then your favorite competitive rolling buddies show up and it’s time for porrada (going hard AF basically). Then when it’s all done and your bodies broken all over again you say to yourself “tomorrow, yes tomorrow I’ll go lighter.”
  2. I don’t need another Gi. Then all of a sudden a new Gi drop happens and you just “have to have” the new Gi that came out because it’s a “limited edition.” It’s all good, get it! Can’t have too many Gis.
  3. You don’t need to use strength. This is an interesting subject. See, some people get better at positions and actually feel stronger yet may look weak. So in many ways this holds true. But it’s hard to be so hyper-technical that it can drown out everyone’s other attributes. For most, in order to protect your body over time or if you are out-weighed, out-muscled and out-skilled you may need to use strength at some point. I mean, if strength was obsolete it would be a different sport altogether. We are athletes, skill is above all but having the ability to use the skill and have some form of strength can make a difference rather than being totally overpowered.
  4. If I win just a few events I’ll get rich and make a living. BJJ and sponsorship or prize money is few and far between. You need to keep up for a long time in order to make a living off of Jiu Jitsu. And even at the top there are no guarantees you win. You can win and get injured which will cost a heavy price. The money is going up but in order to get it you need to pay your dues as the sport gets harder and harder. Even at that there is no retirement fund, you need to stay on top or create a unique enough following or run a successful school to survive.

These are just 4 lies we tell ourselves in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Can you think of any others? List them below…

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