4 Career Opportunities Through Jiu Jitsu

Careers in grappling

The people who do and stick with Jiu Jitsu often fall in love with it. Some may want to take their passion a bit further and make it a career.

  1. Professor/Teacher. Teaching is something a lot of people who stick with Jiu Jitsu do. They may teach at an academy or own their own academy. The expression is “live your passion”. It’s certainly not easy so be sure to study up on business if you proceed to go this route. If you teach part-time without the ownership responsibility you may find less stress in order to enjoy training more, depending on your personality and business goals.
  2. Online Marketing/DVDs. Today online marketing and even blogging can allow Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts to earn some extra funds or for a rare minority – wealth. It’s hard to say at the moment if it is enough to quit your day job, but if it is then you are privileged and surely set apart.
  3. Gear Company. Gear companies come and go but the ones who stick it out will often become successful (with a bit of skilled business acumen). Gis and gear are becoming a commodity in some respects so be sure to set yourself apart or have considerable business savvy.
  4. Prize-Competitor. Competitors in Jiu Jitsu may have a few of these careers listed as well as getting paid for matches, seminars and sponsorship opportunities. It’s certainly a difficult road so unless you are the top of the top perhaps have a part-time back up plan in just in case.

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This is just a cursory glance at career opportunities within the Jiu Jitsu spectrum. If you are aware of others please list them below.


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