3 Tips To Help a BJJ Spaz

Let’s help out the BJJ Spaz by offering 3 simple tips.

  1. First identify with your spazziness. If you don’t know you are a spaz then it’s hard to help you out. If people are avoiding you, giving you a dirty look pre-sparring or trying to kill you every time you spar you may be a spaz.
  2. Take a deep breathe in then breathe out, relax. No one gives a crap nor keeps a tally if you tap in practice or win or lose. The practice room is just practice so failing is in fact learning. If you are a spaz take a chill pill and keep this meditative mind-set. If you still can’t chill out and are a serious danger to your partner or yourself do yourself a favor and stay home for a while, better yet perhaps talk to someone about your aggressiveness or lack of body awareness. Having said this, if you are having problems off the mat it may effect your on the mat performance. Sometimes training Jiu Jitsu manifests how we feel so it is a good window to our insides from the outside. It may reveal some useful things that you can change. Anger is a common issue that Jiu Jitsu can help. See Jiu Jitsu’s Usefulness During mentally Challenging times
  3. Seek feedback with regard to how you roll. Ask your training partners if you go too hard. Or if there is a better way to roll. This feedback will help you. Most people will not outright call you out for being a spaz so it’s key to pick up this intel somehow.

Any other tips you would offer a Jiu Jitsu spaz?

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