3 Tips for training with younger grapplers

As we age we get our bodies more banged up. Let’s be real, the gentle art is sometimes not so gentle on our bodies especially when we go against a young gun looking to beat us down. Let’s take a look below at three tips for dealing with younger adults in their 20s when we hit our upper 30s, 40s and 50s (or more).

  1. Staying close to our opponent. When there is distance with a young fast explosive opponent we can sometimes get hurt because we lack control of them. We don’t know where they are at. This is especially true if leglocks are involved. You don’t want a guy landing on your leg haphazardly in an explosive manner. If you have a great open game that’s great also but if you are older and slower (like me) then I recommend half guard, quarter guard and the like to keep your opponent within a close distance so you know where to find them.
  2. Tap. If you get stuck in an awkward position or submission hold be ready to tap and do it fast. As we age it’s easier to get lingering injuries that take more time to heal. If you are an older grappler grappling with a young lion it’s easy to get hurt. Often the mat doesn’t forgive us for our age so we have to be respect what can occur. Trying to out-muscle or explode against a younger grappler can end up badly for you so do so with caution.
  3. Do your best to stay in your best shape. Do bodyweight exercises, lift weights, do all of this in moderation. Eat better, train smarter, watch more videos, do as much as you can to stay on top of your game. Wisdom is your ally and gaining knowledge is something you can do at any age so make the time for it.

These are just a few tips that can help you against a young grappler if you are older. The goal is to stay in the game as long as possible and not get injured. Please tell us your tips below in the comment section.


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