3 Strategies For Training When Dealing With a Pestering Spouse

It can be a challenge to train with a pestering spouse. It’s great if your spouse also trains, supports everything you do in life and understands that training Jiu Jitsu is essential to you. But life isn’t always that easy. They may want you to clean more, do stuff around the house more or help with the kids even more – above your training. It may seem that your training comes last.

Whatever the case is, here are 3 strategies for training when you are dealing with this type of person.

  1. Tell them you are training so that you can protect them. This is true. You can even follow local crime statistics and tell them about it. During the pandemic crime is on the rise. It is a fact and in today’s world people are going mad so you never know who may pop out in a dark alley or show up at your doorstep.
  2. You want to look better for them. The more Jiu Jitsu you do the more pounds you will likely shed.
  3. Buy them something or give them time. Maybe a gift card to a local spa once a month or whatever activity they enjoy. Maybe allow them to workout while you take care of the kids. Incentivize it so they get to do something.

BONUS: Give them advance notice of your schedule so they are prepared.


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