3 Signs You Grapple Like a Spaz

Training Jiu Jitsu can be dangerous. We all like to believe it’s safe and inherently it is. The problem is not everyone adheres to precautionary safety measures. Some people have egos or simply cannot control their body. They roll every roll like it is a death roll or the world championships finals. It is what it is. Let’s take a look below at the 3 signs you grapple like a spaz.

  1. No one wants to grapple with you. If you are very good and smooth people will enjoy grappling with you. But if you are kneeing people in the balls, elbowing them in the mouth or nearly injuring them during every roll then likely no one wants to roll with you.
  2. People are trying to kill you. If you are spazzing on good guys they may be getting pissed off. If they are coming after you just as hard or harder then maybe you need to look at the energy you are bringing onto the mat. It’s okay to go hard at times but if it’s you that people are going extra hard on all the time to teach you a lesson then you may have to re-evaluate how you grapple.
  3. You are always injured. A grappler who spazzes out all the time may be their own worst enemy. They will often be hurt or injured because of the scrambles they are getting into and spazzing out of. If this is you then heed Ice Cube’s words and check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any other signs of being a spaz please list them in the comments below. Roll safe guys and have fun.

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