3 Common BJJ Misconceptions From Outsiders

3 common bjj misconceptions

The public perceives what they see about martial arts from the media or their upbringing which was mainly karate schools. But there is more to BJJ than meets the eye. Below are 3 common BJJ misconceptions.

  1. It’s like karate, right? Whenever you talk about Jiu Jitsu to an outsider they immediately say “Oh you mean it’s like karate?.” This gets under a lot of our skins but it’s actually a good thing that people even know it exists. Now you can educate them about the differences and maybe get them in for a trial class.
  2. Difficulty to black belt. When people think of a black belt they may think of a normal black belt in terms of time. Most martial arts take much less time. Some kids get black belts in martial arts now-a-days. A BJJ Black Belt generally will take about ten or more years except in rare cases. It’s also a sparring sport so doing forms and katas rarely exist. So you have to put your body through years of training in order to achieve the black belt. If you meet a BJJ Black belt you can be assured they have put in time and blood to earn it.
  3. Just fighters. Jiu Jitsu is not just for people who are into fighting or the meat-head types according to societies standards. It’s actually very intellectual and a not a brutal game at it’s essence (the gentle art). A person who does Jiu Jitsu may want to be an MMA fighter but Jiu Jitsu encompasses a lot more. It has self-defense, sport and a lifestyle to go with it.

Any others you can think of please comment below..

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