3 After Jiu Jitsu Sparring Pet Peeves

bjj pet peeves

Jiu Jitsu has a lot of great attributes surrounded by a great community. But like any community there are some pet peeves. Let’s go over 3 after sparring pet peeves in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  1. Asking how much they weigh. If you get your butt kicked, directly after is probably not the best time to ask a person how much they weigh. You are basically telling the person that because of their weight they beat you. While it may have some truth to it, you don’t have to point it out after the roll. It’s a bad look. Just have fun and learn what they are doing. I know a person who had good side pressure. He was a light guy. So the person he did it to would always comment how strong his grips were on top to hold him down. But he didn’t use grips at all, it was just his positioning.
  2. Arguing about points after a recreational roll. Sometimes you may be thinking about points after a recreational roll. That’s cool. But a recreational roll should also be about having fun and learning. It’s hard to learn if you are just always thinking about points. Don’t get me wrong, points matter when competing. Practice should also have times where you want to be learning and taking risks. You may give up points to develop techniques. You can say “was that 2 points?” or “was that sweep?” But no need to go on and on about whether or not a certain point score happened when it is a recreational roll. Just roll.
  3. How long they have been at a certain belt. This is a common scenario. If you are simply asking at some time other than directly after sparring because you are curious that’s cool. But if someone just beat your butt in training and you take consolation because they may have been training for a while longer at a certain belt it may be annoying to the person you are asking. Just roll and have fun. If a person taps you or beats you don’t look for an excuse other than trying to better your technical skills. Ask how they did the move and what their advice would be. Don’t be like “oh how long have you been training at such and such belt?” Well, you can ask that question. You just may annoy the person you are asking it of.

Any other BJJ pet peeves you can think of. List them below…

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