"Many of these techniques you will not causally come across other than inside this ebook"

Boost Your Sweep Percentage Overnight!

A Systematic Approach  to Learning (1) Effective (2) Nearly Impossible to Stop (3) Black Belt Level Sweeps & Sweep Transitions

How do you sweep your opponent with ease? Have solid sweep transitions and execute them in ways your opponent isn't prepared for.

About 10 years ago I was competing in my 2nd match of black belt worlds (absolute division).  I was going against a solid competitor who was a bit heavier and stronger than I was.

I was barely hanging on while playing open guard. I kept defending the pass again and again. I was growing tried. My sweeps were decent but they were failing against him. His balance and skill were too much for me.

It was frustrating.

He won the match.

I trained very hard and spent a lot of money to be there so you can imagine my disappointment.

The thing is, I used to drill a lot but I never really drilled sweep transitions prior to that fateful event. I felt I didn't have to drill transitions. I was used to having my best sweeps work against everyone in practice.

Nonetheless, I didn't go home and cry about it. I did something about it. I began to drill and study sweep transitions relentlessly so I would not be in that position again without having a fighting chance.

I traveled all over the world training with top guys learning better ways to sweep while also learning the concepts (the why) behind them.

Then I put the most successful sweeps together in a system. If one fails, boom I have others lined up.

The reality is that having a game-plan makes life much easier.

101 Sweeps gives you an iron-clad tested system of sweeps.  This is the same system of sweeps that I put together for me and now it is yours. You will systematically learn sweeps from different guards so when you are on the mat you will not have to think about what to do next.

Let's look at more details below...

Let's take a look at the chapter breakdown:

All chapters are sequentially organized, and many of the techniques are chained together so it reads almost like a story, thus making it much easier to remember than an ordinary run-of-the-mill technique book.

Chapter 1 Closed Guard

-Learn a sweep set up off of an armlock attempt that you can use as bait to get a fast and easy sweep your opponent will not see coming. This literally took years for me to get right because I was doing one thing wrong. Now you will see the exact details that make it work so you wont have to go through the trouble I had.

-3 steps that practically FORCE your opponent to either give you their back, an armlock or a sweep. Here you will focus on the killer details that force the sweep while simultaneously learning several other options. You'll be busy on the mat working toward sweeps instead of stuck with BJJ brain-freeze like a ton of other people

- Most people glaze over the details of closed guard sweeps when your opponent stands up, so they are often less effective and your opponent will then break open your guard and your chance is over while you had them "on the ropes" so to speak  Timing is critical especially if you are more of a technician than a muscle-head. The technique series in this area is one I have seen work at white thru black belt level for over 20 years.

NOTE: You really need to use this sweep if you aren't already.

- Plus much more...

Chapter 2 Carlson Guard

- Discover the 3 foundational concepts that work in this sweep series and understand how you can apply them to nearly any type of sweep game you use.

-How to create a protective shield while in a position to sweep or submit. This guard technique was introduced to me by a very tiny technical black belt. A guy who has many champions under him (Toco from Nova Geracao, the professor of Cyborg, etc.).

- Learn a way to arm drag your opponent without having to chase after it. They give to you.This will lead to a very slick sweep that is gonna piss off your training partners and make your teammates demand you show it to them. I put top-shelf details on this one.

Plus much more...

Chapter 3 Cross Guard

-One-of-a-kind details I learned directly from Robson Moura . He was an innovator of this guard (Cobrinha and Pe De Pano use a variation also) and when we began training he played this guard exclusively. I swear I could never pass this guard. Why? Because it's not only a great guard but he used transitions that seemed automatic. When I would break down one part another would pop up and I either got  arm-locked, hit with an omoplata or I got swept. You will learn these sweep transitions in fine detail.

- Learn how to use your leg and hips to make a pendulum that throws your opponent completely off balance while using little energy . This guard keeps your opponent at a distance and often forces your opponent to want to stand up, which actually makes it easier for you to sweep them (you will see exactly what I mean

-Plus much much more...

Chapter 4 Hook/Lasso Guard

-There are certain details with regard to the lasso that are the difference between it working at a low level only or working on world class black belts. The subtle nuances will be revealed in this booklet along with the high level sweeps and transitions.

- You will learn a simple hand placement hack (to keep the lasso in place) when using the lasso that makes it feel 10 times stronger (and more secure so your opponent cannot simply use their strength to rip it off).

-Discover a way to easily sweep a person who is desperately trying to smash through your lasso guard (this will work against them)

- Plus much more...

Chapter 5 93 Guard

-The 93 Guard became very popular around 2007 and since then is seen in many modern guards. I learned the principles from none other than Robson Moura.  He taught me all of the finer details from which you will see in this booklet. This guard may be considered a half guard variation to many out there. It's simply a bit looser (more open) with a lot of options.

-This Chapter will show you the easiest and fastest way to sweep from right to left based on your opponent's reaction.

-Plus much more..

Chapter 6 Half Guard & Quarter Guard

- Half Guard is a very efficient and safe game to play when you have transitions and the right details. You are going to learn some simple (high level simple) effective sweeps in this series. In fact here is one technique in this series that would be worth the book alone times 10.

How to use quarter guard to hit a sweep when your opponent is right about to pass your guard (at least so they think). It's a trap! When you do this technique it is going to frustrate the heck out of your opponent. They will have to think twice about passing your guard from the inside again. This series works especially well against bigger guys .

Plus much more

Chapter 7 Butterfly Guard

-Having options along with understand the position is taught in this series.  How much distance between you and your opponent, head positioning, over and under-hooks. These nuances may determine which sweeps you select to use.

-Discover a key detail for a basic butterfly sweep that is hardly used but a necessity to improve your chances for success. This is the solid way to throw the balance off when a person simply does not want to go over.

- Plus much more...

Chapter 8 Sitting Guard

- Sitting guard with regard to this series refers to having one knee up (or eventually bringing it up) on bottom. In this series you will see some very slick sweeps that will be defined by your opponent's position. Many of the sweeps will touch on what to do when your opponent is standing. You will learn numerous ways to attack ankle picks and secure drags on bottom which you will find easy to implement.

-Discover a way to position yourself so you can immediately have the inside advantage in order to quickly sweep your opponent when they try to pass on the ground.

- Plus much more...

Chapter 9 De La Riva Guard/Combined With variations

- This chapter goes in depth about all aspects of the De la Riva Guard sweep options. You will learn how to sweep when your opponent is standing and on the ground. You will also learn De La Riva X and other very effective variations (it's actually mind-blowing how much detail is in here). You will essentially have a treasure trove of knowledge from this game.

- Plus much more...

Chapter 10 Reverse De La Riva (aka spiral guard)

-Like any position, the key is to have control and perform your sweeps with little effort. It may take more than one set up, fake or transition to finish a sweep against a high-level opponent. But if you have the right tools you can get it done. This series does all that and much more. Many high level guys are using this guard and going back and forth to De La Riva guard. It's easier than you think to capitalize on. NOTE: Most people naturally (and mistakenly) give this guard to you. They won't even care that you set this guard up and them BOOM you are in a position to sweep them and be on top. This book will show you exactly how.

- Plus much more...

Chapter 11 X Guard

- Mastering the X Guard will be a cinch even if it is not a part of your game today.  When you know what to do and how to transition back to back sweeps it becomes easy. This guard, if done well, works especially proficient against strong opponents with good balance. Whenever you get underneath a larger stronger opponent you can easily take their balance off and end up on top.The sweeps inside go into great detail on exactly how to use this guard at the highest level.

-Every defense your opponent tries against this guard you will now have an answer for. If you pause and wait for them to make progress this guard may be defeated. The key here is to use this information so you don't have to wait and think. When you are here you will be on the offense.

- Plus much more...

Chapter 12 Open Guard

-Open Guard sweeps do not have to be complicated. In fact many are so simple and effective they will catch these athletic players off guard (because their set ups are simple).

-Learn a sweep series that I learned years ago from a Carlson Gracie Black Belt Michele Porfirio (Head Instructor at Carlson Gracie Miami). This series is very easy to implement and will prove to be surprising for most modern players. That's what you want and this section will deliver it, an edge over your competition. 

-Plus much more...

Here's What World Class Jiu Jitu Athletes Say About Ken Primola

Robson Moura

7 x Adult IBJJF Black Belt World Chmapion

"I remember when I got here from Brazil and I met Ken Primola. We became friends and he was a great training partner for me. Ken helped me out for a lot of my tournaments."

David Avellan

4 x ADCC Competitor and Medalist

"Had an awesome wrestling training session with D.J. Jackson, Sodiq Yuseff (current UFC star) run by Coach Ken Primola. Coach Primola tuned up my takedown game and made it that much more dangerous. I then brought ken down to teach a week long work shop at my academy in Miami."

Felipe Costa

Adult IBJJF Black Belt World Champion

"Ken was a fantastic student at the Brasa Academy (now Checkmat) in Rio. It's awesome that someone with a solid wrestling background was still willing to improve in other styles. he is definitely one of the better technicians I have met. "

About Your Author

Ken Primola, J.D.

BJJ Black Belt & Pan Am Champion

I earned my black belt from Phil Migliarese (a Relson Gracie Black Belt) in 2009. In 2013 I moved to Caio Terra's Academy and lived there for 2 years. I currently am under Caio but I also train at Legion Jiu Jitsu under Keenan Cornelius. I have competed all over the globe. Won a gold medal at brown belt Pan Ams (IBJJF) among other competitions. I currently compete as a black belt in the adult division and I love it.

Ken has trained and competed against some of the best.

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P.S.In order to develop this ebook not only did I take from my experience, I also studied only the most knowledgeable Jiu Jitsu competitors and professors. I dissected 100s of matches and on several occasions watched certain techniques in slow motion to get it precise.

P.P.S. Are these techniques secret? No. Not at all. In fact I don't believe in secret techniques. These techniques are in plain sight. The "secret" is in the pain-staking process of studying and implementing them and discerning which techniques are effective. I did the hard part for you by placing them in this ebook.  Now all you have to do is study them and implement. It's plug-and-play.

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