10 Things That Require Zero Talent Applied To Jiu Jitsu

10 Things You Can Do Today That Require Zero Talent in BJJ

This is a list of ten things that require zero talent that can be used for Jiu Jitsu and life. Please share if you will.

  1. Being on time. It’s not always easy but being on time to Jiu Jitsu class shows it is important to you and pays respect to your fellow students and professor. It happens every so often we can’t get there but try your best to show up on time.
  2. Living with passion. For BJJ this means caring about getting better and making others better while you are present on the mat. If you don’t care why should anyone else and what is the point of doing it? It’s a dangerous sport so having passion can lead to growth and more safety due to being more aware of what can happen.
  3. Willing to learn. This is simple. If you are a black belt you should have an open mind to learn from anyone. And vice versa. We can all learn from each other and grow to new heights. Beginners have a new perspective and natural tendencies so learning from them can be powerful.
  4. Using powerful body language. My high school wrestling coach used to always say “If you are tired don’t show me.” It applies to life and Jiu Jitsu. Sometimes looking the part helps you be the part. Having good posture and carrying yourself in an optimistic energetic manner can rub off.
  5. Having a positive attitude. We choose how we see things. We can get our butts kicked and resort to negative thinking or we can have a good attitude and use loss as a pot of gold that shows us our weaknesses.
  6. Going the extra mile. At the end when you feel like you can’t cross that line, just go one step further, it won’t be that bad. Try to roll every round one after the other if you never have. Work up to it day by day if it is a challenge in your room.
  7. Making a bigger effort. We can all look in the mirror and say we could do better. So look in there knowing you have. Some people say get 1% each day. Don’t leave Jiu Jitsu without making the extra effort to leave better than you came in.
  8. Improving your health. If you are out of shape train Jiu Jitsu more. Workout with weights or go for a jog a few times a week. Start to eat a little wiser. Start small and slow and work your way up. Consistency is key.
  9. Being prepared for anything. You never know what is going to happen at practice or who is going to show up. So better to be prepared than not be. Get a good warm up and stay alert.
  10. Having a strong work ethic. This isn’t reading one motivational social media post. This is about having daily discipline to be drilling the technique and not waiting around, being present, finding answers for yourself and helping others when you can. It all matters.

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This wraps up ten things you can do to better your Jiu Jitsu that requires zero talent. Please feel free to add anything else and share with a friend.

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